BJ Swann’s debut novel, Our Lady of the Scythe, is available now!

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Cover art by Diogo Soares

Eighteen-year-old Raza has a problem: every time she tries to get busy with a boy, she turns into a monster and tears him apart. Why? Because her father is the Big Horned Bastard, demon supreme. To unlock the mysteries of her birthright – and hopefully get some sex education – she’s sent to Our Lady of the Scythe, a boarding school for demon-spawn where detention is a realm of flesh-eating monsters and the delinquents get their kicks out of mass murder. Will she even survive the first semester? And what happens when she and her new friends stumble on a vile angelic plot that threatens the survival of all demonkind? Raza will have to embrace her inner demon fast, or kiss her butt goodbye.

“Hogwarts and Camp Halfblood, move the HELL over; there’s a new boarding school in town and it is not for the kiddies!” – Christine Morgan, Splatterpunk Award-winning author of Lakehouse Infernal

With awesome cover art and design by Soares Artwork