Book Review: Braineater Jones by Stephen Kozeniewski

A hilarious mixture of noir and horror.

The titular character of Braineater Jones rises up as one of the living dead with no memory of his previous life and a hankering for booze, which he needs to consume to stop himself degenerating into a brain-eating monster. He’s forced to negotiate the perils of his condition whilst trying to find the answers to some burning questions, such as – just who was he, and why was he murdered?

This is a really fun book that should please fans of horror and noir. As a narrator, Braineater Jones is hilarious, and every page is crammed with wise cracks, cheeky similes, and period slang that really makes the character and his world come alive. Of course it’s not all just funny; there’s plenty of the horrific, the grotesque, and the downright bizarre in here as well, from intelligent undead foetuses to zombie hookers who rent out their severed body parts by the hour.

If the idea of zombie noir appeals to you, you can’t really go wrong with Braineater Jones. Go get your clammy dickbeaters on this thing!