Book Review: Cemetery Closing (Everything Must Go) by Jeff Strand

The last Andrew Mayhem book is one of the best.

The fifth Mayhem book sees our unlucky hero travel to the rainforest to help a suspicious podcaster search for buried pirate treasure. Which leads, of course, to danger, murder, and, well, mayhem, as you may well have guessed. Skinned bodies on sticks are only the start of the grisly shenanigans.

This book is a refreshing departure from the previous two, which, though thoroughly entertaining, were admittedly starting to become somewhat repetitive. Cemetery Closing freshens things up by changing the locale and thankfully taking Andrew’s long-suffering family out of the equation. Of course, it’s not just the novelty of this book that makes it work. Stylistically, it’s got everything that made the others amazing too – sleek prose, high tension, and hilarious jokes. Some of the characters are particularly memorable, especially a certain river boat captain. If you liked the other Mayhem books, there’s no question, you’ll love this one too.