Book Review: Dark Assembly by Aron Beauregard

A collection of unflinchingly extreme horror tales told in a unique and compelling style.

Highlights include ‘Some Girl,’ which blends the gritty realism of a memoir with a mind-bending dose of bizarro horror; ‘Last Days in Honduras,’ a pitch black tale with a protagonist so appalling you’ll be itching to enjoy their inevitable demise; and ‘Rotten Eggs,’ in which a pair of delinquents set out to raise hell on Devil’s Night – and just might receive an answer in return. These and other stories are told in a pleasantly idiosyncratic prose style that often surprises with its novelty. The text is accompanied by confronting illustrations that suitably echo the author’s take-no-prisoners style. The characters, though not always likeable, are almost always interesting – even when their actions are repugnant. The stories, though filled with gore and depravity, never feel gratuitous, and are home to novel concepts, interesting themes, and intelligent twists. Fans of extreme horror should definitely check this out. 

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