Book Review: Death Angel’s Shadow by Karl Edward Wagner

Three excellent Kane stories from fantasy legend Karl Edward Wagner.

‘Reflections of the Winter of My Soul’ sees Kane holed up at a noble’s isolated estate in the middle of a miserable winter. Unfortunately the cold isn’t the only enemy; a shape-shifting abomination is preying on the living, and Kane has to figure out who it is before it ends up gnawing his bones as well. A fantasy-horror-detective story with all the stylish prose, thrilling battles, and beautiful nihilism you would expect in a Kane story.

‘Cold Light’ sees Kane hunted by the worst sort of villain – a man who is convinced of his own utter righteousness. A glorious cat-and-mouse action story enriched by Wagner’s characteristic sophistication and moral ambiguity.

‘Mirage’ sees Kane stumble upon a being as deathless as he is. Has he found his perfect match, or just another obstacle in his endless battle with ennui?

All three of these stories are superb, and cannot fail to disappoint fans of the other Kane books.