Book Review: Die Tommy by Aron Beauregard

A full-tilt splatterpunk tale enhanced by genuine psychological insight.

Embittered alcoholic Brutus spends his days carting corpses with his annoyingly chipper colleague Tommy, until a chance encounter with tainted flesh transforms their relationship and sends them both down a rabbit hole of absolute horror.

This is a quick, gruesome read with much to recommend it. Beauregard is fast becoming one of my favorite extreme horror authors. His prose is stylish and fluid. His storytelling is informed by genuine insight, making the horror of his tales even more striking and compelling. Boring characters are a genuine plague on fiction of all stripes, but you won’t find any of them here. Beauregard’s protagonists are bursting with idiosyncratic thoughts, candid impulses, and raw emotions that make them feel as real as you or I. And as if the titular story wasn’t worth the price of admission alone, this book also contains an excellent bonus short story called ‘Spin the Bottle.’ Of course both of these stories are gruesome and not for the squeamish. But for those who like their horror intense and grotesque, Beauregard is an excellent choice! 

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