Book Review: Industrial Divinity by Regina Watts

Imagine a sadomasochistic performance artist who could die and resurrect over and over again. Who could be flayed, dismembered, devoured, and subjected to any number of artful atrocities. That’s the premise of Industrial Divinity. Watts takes this premise, does pretty much everything you could imagine with it, and some things you probably couldn’t. The book is littered with macabre but beautiful erotic vignettes. The prose is exquisite. And of course there’s more than just sex and gore. Watts uses her dying and reviving protagonist to explore extreme and altered states of consciousness through the medium of prose. The result is often mind-blowing, especially when the Spider Mother gets involved, a metaphysical force lying beyond the illusions of selfhood and death. Did I mention this is also a tale of true love? It’s got something for the whole family.