Book Review: Jaga’s Bones by Simon McHardy

Sword and Sorcery meets splatterpunk mayhem in a unique and exciting adventure that will probably leave you longing for more.

Jaga is a reluctant necromancer indentured to serve in the sinister Sisterhood of Gloam. Taron is a humble farm boy whose only real inheritance is a demonic axe with an appetite for murder. After passing through their own separate but equally grisly rites of passage, Jaga and Taron end up on a collision course with one another – but will they meet as friends, lovers, enemies, or a twisted combination of all of the above?

JAGA’S BONES is the best kind of escapist fun, featuring exciting and interesting characters, grotesque and detestable villains, action, adventure, sex, violence, intrigue, magic, monsters, weirdness, and a refreshing dose of irreverent wit. It plays with aspects of genre in some relatively unique ways, creating a fusion of fantasy and splatterpunk elements that should please fans of either genre. And if you should happen to be a fan of both, like your humble reviewer here, then odds are this book will knock your socks off. And maybe your feet as well, leaving you to hobble forth on bloody stumps as you go out in search of Mister McHardy’s other books! 

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