Book Review: The Night Silver River Run Red by Christine Morgan

A fast-paced splatter western crammed with deliciously diabolical characters.

The carnival has come to Silver River. So has murder, madness, torture, and bloodshed galore!

This is a lean, mean yarn in which numerous plotlines converge into a beautifully orchestrated confluence of murder and mayhem. There are enough colorful, fascinating, and downright horrible characters in here to furnish several books, but Christine Morgan hands them all out at once with wonderful and reckless abandon, like some super-cool person handing out all the good lollies on Halloween, making you feel like a kid on a sugar binge. There’s so much awesomeness in this taut little thriller it’s packed to the rafters and full to overflowing. Morgan’s prose is great, as usual, and her POV writing is so deeply immersive you’ll be able to smell the gun smoke, blood, and other assorted bodily fluids. I read a lot of extreme horror, so it’s rare that something in a book gets my pulse rate going, but there were some scenes in this book that got my adrenaline going. Especially a scene with a dude named after a certain piece of equine anatomy…

Go to Silver River! You’ll have fun.