Book Review: Welcome to the Splatter Club Anthology edited by K. Trap Jones

Time to get splattered!

Welcome to the Splatter Club is a diverse and enjoyable sampling of Splatterpunk tales that includes such fearsome and blackly hilarious horrors as rebellious sperm, eldritch penguins, and parasites that cause satyriasis. Some of my favorites include ‘Splatter Party’ by John McNee, a tale of a party gone horribly wrong (or horribly right, depending on your perspective); ‘Grinder’ by Nikki Noir, a piece of erotic horror delirium in the tradition of Barker’s ‘Age of Desire;’ ‘Dickey Dykstra’ by Airika Sneve, a gonzo journey into a realm of boardroom bitching and psycho CEOs; and ‘The Woman in the Ditch’ by Joshua Rex, a spooky piece of masterful prose about a pair of teenage boys and the sinister thing that wants a piece of their blossoming manhood. If you’re a fan of horror, then check this out – you will undoubtedly find something in here to your liking.